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I can honestly say I would be lost without Woodhaven. The care they have given my cat in the nearly three years I have been using them is second to none. The cat pens are clean and tidy and have both indoor and outdoor secure access. I can say with absolutely no doubt that my cat is happy when he goes there. The staff really make Woodhaven, nothing is too much trouble for them, they take the time to listen to your needs and are beyond caring for every animal that is in there. You will not find a better place for your fur baby to be away from home.

Vicky Cooke


Minnie update!

We received a lovely update from Minnie’s (previously Nelly) owner
Hi, we just wanted to send you some recent snaps of Minnie (formerly Nelly)She is a dream and we can’t imagine our family without her

Penny 1.jpeg

Penny update!

A massive happy belated gotcha day to Penny (formally Penelope) along with this lovely update from her owners
“It's Penny's gotcha day today! One whole year since we brought her home and we can't thank you enough for helping us find her!
She's so funny and goofy and sweet, she makes us laugh every day and she's just the best pup!
She's now one pampered princess and loves a run around at Mutleys dog park and all the snacks! (Especially cheese )
Thank you again for helping us find her! Here are some photos of her enjoying herself at the dog park this morning before it got too hot!”

Update From Melody!

What a beautiful update from Melody
"Hi its Melody an yes still Melody. It was so nice to see you today The Christmas cards of my friends are excellent. Everyone one should buy some. All is good with me. I am settled in my forever home. My new humans are fab. I have a posh bed( I prefer my chair) toys, go on lots of walks an can play in the garden whenever I want. I do miss you guys an my doggy friends an thank you so much for everything you did for me. If you don't mind I think I will stay here. I will come back for a visit or maybe a holiday. In all my excitement to see you an I doubt I will see you before. I forgot to wish everyone a very merry Christmas an Happy New year.
All my Love

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