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Neutering Appeal

WOODHAVEN STRAY DOG NEUTER APPEAL Woodhaven Second Chance Rehoming is a small independent rescue that houses Leeds City Council and Selby District area of North Yorkshire Councils stray dogs. The number of stray dogs brought into our care has increased massively and we are struggling to cover the neutering costs due to both the increase in dogs and the increase in veterinary treatment. We do not want to stop neutering our rescue dogs as we do not want to add the the problem of overbreeding but we need your help to carry on carrying out the operations We currently have 11 male dogs booked in to be neutered and 8 females booked to be spayed. Along with the well known health and welfare benefits of the operation, it also stops at least these dogs having more litters of puppies that rescues simply do not have the capacity for A female dog (if bred to a maximum) can produce approximately 21 pups per year, meaning our dogs that are due to be spayed alone could produce 168 pups. To put that into perspective, that would fill the Woodhaven rehoming kennels SEVEN AND A HALF TIMES. A male dog can cover an unlimited amount of females so the number of pups produced by the amount of un-neutered males in our care can not be estimated, so for arguement sake we will allow for each dog to have two litters per year at 6 pups per year. This would amount to 132 pups per at this ratio. Going from the above, any donation, even £1 will help us to be able to ensure approximately 300 puppies don’t be subject to a life in kennels due to the dire situation in rescues and the absolute lack of space The cost of the treatment for these 19 dogs alone is approximately £3600. We have never been in a situation like this before and we are begging and pleading for your help please please help us

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